Editing staff and publisher



The Last Word: A Message from the Dean, Volume 1

The unique human capacities for self awareness and imagination make it possible for us to take control of our lives. In doing so, we are able to fulfill our capability to effect change and bring order to an otherwise hectic world. Within these unique capacities, it is critical to recognize that communication is the lynch pin for all we endeavor. There are, however, two participants, the speaker and the listener.

The printed word and exciting pictures in this new journal, the Beacon, represent the speaker; however, the important outcome is what you, the reader, "hear." This is your communication link.

I hope you will support and respond to your colleagues who have initiated the process. I am pleased to have been a part of this collective effort and want to assure you of my continued support for our graduates and those we serve through our mission of quality education, excellent patient care, cutting-edge research, and community-based service.

I wish to congratulate the leadership of the New Jersey Dental School Alumni Association for their exceptional effort in providing a new and exciting way to expand the communication link between alumni, student, faculty, and other professional colleagues. Through their vision, planning, and understanding, through unity and teamwork, they found no task is too great.

And I'd like to thank those of you who took time to respond to the Alumni Surveys we've been sending your way. You're one of our most valued resources. You're eminently qualified to be an active participant in knowing how best to meet the challenges of daily practice, on quality assurance issues, on how to strengthen our resources to produce competent, well-trained oral healthcare professionals. I can't emphasize enough how important your opinions are to ensuring the directions we take are the ones that will give us the outcomes we want.

We can all look forward to future publications that will provide insight about our new direction, new faculty, exciting programs, and, most importantly, how we will be working to provide you access to the most contemporary hands-on continuing dental education.


Robert A. Saporito, Dean