Selective/Elective Course Descriptions

Course Code


Course Director


Office of Academic Affairs

PDF IconAAFF9902

Senior Teaching Program

Associate Dean / Dr. Wadkar

PDF IconAAFF9903

Invisalign Training


Community Health

PDF IconCOMH9901

Contemporary Issues in Oral Healthcare Systems

Dr. Cecile Feldman

PDF IconCOMH9907

Supplemental Instruction Experience

Dr. Perez

Continuing Education

PDF IconCNED9901

Opportunities in Continuing Dental Education

Ms. Gibbs

Diagnostic Sciences

PDF IconDSCI9903

Head and Neck Anatomy for the General Practitioner

Dr. Caine

PDF IconDSCI9904

Elective in Orofacial Pain

Dr. Heir

PDF IconDSCI9906

Medical Emergency Management

Drs. Cohen/Mauro

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

PDF IconOMFS9901

Clinical Surgical Pathology

Dr. Najjar

PDF IconOMFS9902

Forensic Dentistry

Dr. Zohn

PDF IconOMFS9905

Clinical Hospital Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Milles

PDF IconOMFS9906 - Spring

Complicated Exodontia and Minor Oral Surgery

Drs. Alberto /Spinnato/ Petriella

PDF IconOMFS9906 - Winter

Complicated Exodontia and Minor Oral Surgery

Drs. Alberto /Spinnato/ Petriella

PDF IconOMFS9920

Forensic Dentistry Observational Rotation

Dr. Zohn


PDF IconORTH9901

Advanced Orthodontic Concepts For Dental Students

Dr. Johe


PDF IconPEDO8420

Special Care Honors Curriculum

Dr. Gataletto

PDF IconPEDO9901

Advanced Topics in Special Care Dentistry

Dr. Robinson / Ballesteros


PDF IconPERI9901

The Minimal Survival Guide for Business

Drs. Pascuzzi / Hall

PDF IconPERI9920

Advanced Topics in Clinical Periodontics

Dr. Joel Pascuzzi


PDF IconDSCI9903

Honors Research Opportunity

Dr. Benoliel

Restorative Dentistry

PDF IconREST9901

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Overdentures and Immediate Dentures

Dr. Samant

PDF IconREST9902

Implants-Past, Present and Future

Dr. Samani

PDF IconREST9909

A General Dentist's Approach to Delivering Prosthodontics Care

Dr. DeSciscio

PDF IconREST9910

The Way It Really Is

Dr. Chertoff


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