RSDM Examination Archive Disclaimer and Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The examination materials contained in this archive are historical and represent dental science at the time they were prepared. They may not reflect current dental science, technique or practice. Rutgers School of Dental Medicine/RBHS expressly disclaims all responsibility for any material in this archive that is no longer current or accurate, or that does not reflect up-to-date best practices in dental science.

Neither Rutgers School of Dental Medicine nor RBHS undertakes any responsibility or obligation to keep materials in this archive current. No relationship is implied or should be assumed between questions in this archive and future examination questions. The examination materials contained here are for informational purposes only, and are intended solely as a study aid. Each student has the responsibility to evaluate, identify and/or avoid any information that may no longer be accurate or current. Neither Rutgers School of Dental Medicine nor RBHS shall be liable or responsible in any way for any adverse consequences resulting from use of the information in this archive

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