Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often may I participate in Community Service?
    As often as you like. Some programs will be first come-first serve basis.

  • Do you get more credit for programs that require more time commitment?
    Yes-- For example, one afternoon at Special Olympics satisfies the on-site time requirement in addition to completing the other forms.

  • What course will I receive volunteer credit in?
    Credit hours will count in Clinical Dentistry 1 & 2 for Freshmen and Sophomores, and Prevention 1 & 2 for Juniors and Seniors, respectively.

  • Where do I pick up the necessary supplies for the events?
    If approved, Room B856.

  • If more than one student is requesting or participating in the same event, does each student complete separate forms?
    Yes, each student must submit his/her own Student Community Service Application Form, Event Contact Person Authorization Form, Reflection and Credit Time Form. ONLY ONE COMMUNITY HEALTHY OUTREACH SUMMARY FORM SHOULD BE SUBMITTED PER EVENT.

  • When will I know whether the proposed contact is approved?
    Within 14 days.

  • How many students are able to be at each site?
    Depends on the program. That will be predetermined by Deb Goldsmith.

  • If a friend and I want to volunteer together is that possible?
    Yes, if approved.

  • Is there a specific outline or format for an educational program that I must follow?
    No, you will create and develop a program based on your audience.

  • If the event occurs during clinic time, do I need to make any arrangements or receive clinic approval?
    Yes, you need to get Dr. Michael Conte's approval and signature on the Sudent Community Service Application Form.