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*What specific skills did you use at your community site that created a positive immediate outcome? (check all that apply)
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How will the outreach you provided positively change the long term personal oral health behavior of the population?
If you experienced any challenges working with a diverse population, what were the challenges?
If you experienced any challenges with this particular community service activity, what were the challenges?
Based on your experience, what will you change next time?
Do you think the community service you provided is an effective approach to educating the community about oral health?

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior, has your professional values and beliefs about community service changed from your freshman year?

Compared to when you entered dental school as a freshman, how would you now describe your community service commitment?

Seniors only: Has your personal opinion and beliefs about the effectiveness of community service changed since freshman year?

Seniors only: Are you committed to providing community service after graduation?

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