Institutional Assessment

The Office of Institutional Assessment provides institutional-level information for decision-making and planning purposes and to external audiences. The office coordinates a number of surveys for the institution. The surveys range from internal self-assessment surveys of faculty, staff and students to external entities including community practitioners and post graduated program directors to gain information about their perceptions of RSDM graduates and the institution and among patients to gain insight into their treatment experience at RSDM.

The Office of Institutional Assessment also coordinates a number of surveys to gather feedback from students and alumni about their educational experiences at RSDM. These surveys provide information for evaluating and improving academic programs and student services.

The office is also responsible for facilitating and implementing the on-going quality improvement and quality assurance activities for measuring performance and assessing quality of care.

Susan DeMatteo, MS
Director of Institutional Assessment and Quality Improvement

Shuying Jiang, MS
Research Associate