Offices of Hospital Affairs and Institutional Development

Office of Hospital Affairs
Vincent Ziccardi, DDS, MD, FACS
Assistant Dean

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
110 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ 07103-2400

The Offices of Hospital Affairs and Institutional Development provide planning, business development, and administrative and operational leadership in the following areas:

Hospital Affairs

This office provides oversight of hospital-related oral health programs and activities and the development of hospital-based residency programs. It also creates new opportunities for expansion and collaboration with University Hospital, other hospitals, and health care organizations throughout the state, country, and world.

Institutional Development and Inter-professional Education

This office recommends programs and strategies that respond to the changing health-care environment, while fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Dental School. The Assistant Dean serves as the Dean's representative to internal departments, other university-wide committees and units, and external organizations. The office furthermore supports, advises, and develops strategies to assist all other departments and officers throughout the school in fulfilling their roles in supporting the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine mission, goals and strategic initiatives. The Assistant Dean also develops and supports inter-profession education programs at other academic health care institutions and hospitals.


The Assistant Dean is responsible for monitoring, interpreting, reporting, and advocationg state and federal legislative issues that have an impact on dental education, oral health, and general health. The Assistant Dean works in conjunction with Rutgers Office of Public Affairs and Federal Regulations. This office also makes recommendations on federal and state agendas for the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

Public and Media Relations

This office is responsible for public relations for Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. The Assistant Dean supervises the RSDM editor in preparation of all information released from the Dental School in any form. In addition, this office produces and edits the Dental School's written materials, social media, visual materials, requests for television and radio, and requests for public responses. The editor also updates the website, based on requests for changes received from units of the school. This office maintains membership in the Rutgers Communicators Network.

Public Health

This office supervises the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine oral cancer program. It also supervises the Memorandum of Agreement with The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services for consultation services in oral health to that department. Other public health events are supported by and under the direction of this office, in conjunction with the school’s Department of Community Health.

Emergency Operation Plan

The office, in conjunction with the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Office of Facilities Administration, is responsible for the developing, implementing and updating the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Emergency Operation Plan.

Vendor Committee

The Assistant Dean chairs a vendor committee that reviews all vendors and approves their value, and assures that all presentations are congruent with the curriculum. He also monitors their compliance with state ethics requirements.


The Assistant Dean serves as liason from the Dean's office on issues of compliance and assists the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine compliance officer with federal and state regulations.