Office of Multicultural Affairs

Office of Multicultural AffairsDr. Herminio Perez, DMD MBA
Room B-828
Director of Student and Multicultural Affairs

Nicole Hague
Room B-830
Secretary III

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The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to enhance the professional dental school experience for all students through their interaction with a diverse faculty, staff and community in a culturally sensitive environment.


Students:To provide support and retention of all students through the promotion of: (1) a positive education environment that promotes culturally sensitive interactions, (2) sponsoring programs that address the needs of students on a personal, academic, social and cultural level, and (3) provide oral health experiences in culturally diverse settings in the surrounding community.

Faculty:To support underrepresented faculty/staff, provide training to assist in their roles as mentors and teachers and in particular students of an underrepresented background, and improve diversity relationships amongst the faculty.

Community: To initiate and execute community projects that allow members of the RSDM family to work with the surrounding community to alleviate unmet oral health needs as well as promote cultural sensitivity awareness.

(Approved by Executive Council September 11, 2008)

Purpose: To ensure proper event planning, room availability, budget planning and adequate personnel is available for "Special Events."

Responsibility: The Director of Multicultural Affairs is to ensure compliance.


The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine RSDM celebrates its diversity and is committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive and encourages and respects different religious, cultures, ethnic and racial backgrounds. To facilitate this goal, the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine has created the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA).

  1. The use of RSDM or University premises for 'Special Events' that is for any occasion other than normal classes or clinical operations-- is subject to review and approval by the administration of the RSDM. Special Events are defined as activities held on school and/or University property with the objective of honoring or adhering to the celebrations and/or rituals of different religions, cultures, races and/or ethnicities or bringing to light and celebrating the accomplishments of individuals of different religions, cultures, races and ethnicities (with particular emphasis in dentistry) and honoring community service activities of individuals of different religions, cultures, races and ethnicities. The Special Events Request form is available through the OMA and must be completed and submitted to the Director for Multicultural Affairs by the president of the organization requesting to hold any 'Special Event' on school and/or University property for the upcoming Academic Year at least one month in advance of the proposed event.  Proposals for an event submitted less than one month from the event will be approved at the discretion of the OMA and the OMA Advisory Committee.

    Special Event Form
    Room Reservation Form

  2. The proposal is to be presented to the OMA Advisory Committee for preliminary approval and then forwarded to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for final approval. When a proposed  'Special Event' has real or potential financial, administrative ramifications, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs may consult the Associate Dean for Administration & Finance or Dean of RSDM concerning such proposals.
  3. 'Special Events' shall be held during the lunch or evening hours so as to minimize the impact on classroom instruction and to avoid clinic disruption.  As the major provider of oral health services to the Newark Community, it is inappropriate to close clinics for 'Special Events' and classrooms will be made available only if they are not in use for normal classroom instruction.
  4. The Multicultural Advisory Committee will consider the following in deciding whether to approve the event:
  • Are the goals of the  'Special Event' congruent with the mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs'
  • Will the 'Special Event' foster understanding, collaboration and respect among the RSDM community'
  • Will the 'Special Event' result in disruption to the school's primary activities of education and patient care'
  • Are all members of the dental school community informed and welcomed to attend the 'Special Event'. 'Special Events' that restrict attendance by race, gender, ethnicity and/or religion will not be permitted on school and/or University property.
  • Is there any financial, religious and/or evangelical purpose to the 'Special Event'? 'Special Events' for the purpose of soliciting membership and/or funds or that provide financial gain to a speaker or speakers are not permitted, nor are 'Special Events' for the purpose of recruiting to religious affiliations.
  • Will holding the 'Special Event 'in University property impose a financial burden to the University and/or the RSDM'
  1. Reservations for Special Events are tentative and subject to cancellation. If a need for space arises directly related to the school's academic and/or service mission, it takes priority and the Special Event reservation may be cancelled without notice.