Office of Administration and Finance

Rutgers, School of Dental Medicine
Office of Finance
110 Bergen Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Vincent A. Nacco, Director, Financial Planning & Reporting
Phone: 973-972-7095

Lenette M. Davis, Director, Revenue Cycle
Phone: 973-972-8668

Arthur E. Moore, Assistant Director, Clinical Financial Affairs and Student Accounts Receivables
Phone: 973-972-0266

Theodore Johnson, Manager, Dental Stores
Phone: 973-972-4627

Yohaira T. Rojas, Manager, Clinical Operations Training
Phone: 973-972-8503

Rosemarie D. Vaccaro, Manager, Billing & Collections
Phone: 973-972-8664

William F. Thomas, Manager, Patient Business Services
Phone: 973-972-0954

Allan A. Zanca, Business Manager, SDM Operating Budgets
Phone: 973-972-0448

Maria E. Flores, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 973-972-4624

The Office of Finance is fully responsible for all aspects of the fiscal operations as it pertains to the New Jersey Dental School. Specific areas of responsibility includes: finance, budget, preparation and control, collection of student tuition, patient billing & collections and dental stores.

SDM Budgets, a division of the Office of Finance is responsible for the planning, developing and maintenance of the annual operating budget under the guidance and direction of the Vice President of Finance & Central Administration Budget Office. This office monitors actual revenues and expenditures against the budget and prepares monthly reports.

SDM Clinical Financial Affairs, a division of the Office of Finance is responsible for administering the financial reporting and accounting practices for the dental clinical business operations for the Statewide Network and the management of patient billing and collections.

SDM Dental Stores, a division of the Office of Finance, is responsible for the management of purchasing and distribution of equipment and supplies for dental student and the dental school. An inventory is maintained specifically to support pre-clinical and clinical programs providing items at minimal cost through bulk purchases directly from manufacturers. In consultation with department chairs, an instrument committee appointed by the Dean develops the lists of instruments and supplies used by students. Uniformity insures better teaching; therefore, substitution of instruments or supplies is not permitted.

This office works closely with the University’s Purchasing Department to develop the bidding packages for manufacturer; to provide the availability to purchase clinical/pre-clinical equipment, hand pieces and other kit materials. The Dental Stores also works with Contract Management in authorizing extensions on existing contracts prior to expiration dates. Dental Stores is responsible for ordering and inventorying precious metals including monthly reports submission to accounting. Dental Stores responsibilities include sending pre-clinical instruments and equipment such as student hand pieces for repair.

At the time of registration each year, students must be prepared to meet the expense of leasing and purchasing the required equipment and instruments. In view of unpredictable price changes, it is not possible to list in advance the specific charges to be made annually. Reasonable notice is provided once charges have been determined. In order to support a portion of their purchase from the Dental Store, all students have $500 charged to their student debit account via student loans. The students draw down from this account during their four year dental education, to purchase consumable items such as teeth and burs. This account may be replenished when necessary.

Students must maintain their equipment and instruments throughout the academic program. Instruments which are lost or deemed unsatisfactory by an instructor must be replaced.

SDM Student Account Receivables, a division of the Office of Finance is responsible for administering the maintenance of each student’s financial commitment with the university charges, such as collection of outstanding tuition and/or loan balances, prepares student tuition statements and issue student account bills. This office handles the cash collection and disbursement of financial aid to each student account.

All divisions for the Office of Finance are open weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.