Academic Technology

Adobe Connect:

Use Adobe Connect to communicate in real time, with full visual, audio and text. Share Documents and record sessions.

Screenshot of the Adobe Connect software

You can access Adobe Connect through Moodle. To use Adobe Connect you will need a PC or MAC computer or laptop with a webcam, a microphone and speakers for full functionality. You can also use Adobe Connect on your cell phone. Adobe connect is provided by ITeS and supported by Academic Affairs.



Camtasia Studio:

Use Camtasia Studio to: record lectures and powerpoint, edit video, create multimedia presentations and Tutorials. Can record video, audio and powerpoints.

Screenshot of the Camtasia Studio software

Some Ways to access Camtasia

  • Schedule your classroom lecture to be recorded.
  • Borrow a laptop and webcam and create lectures in your office.
  • Schedule a personal recording time in your office.
  • Purchase a license and a webcam for your office computer.



Moodle Learning Management System

Moodle is used to manage all course content, assessments, grading, communications, Adobe Connect, Respondus,, links to videos, and paper submissions and more. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime by students and faculty.

Screenshot of the Moddle Learning Management System

Access to moodle can be through the Rutgers Portal, or by the direct link ( Moodle is provided to SDM from the department of Instructional Technology and eLearning Solutions (ITeS) and is supported by the School of Dental Medicine through the office of Academic Affairs. If you need help utilizing Moodle for your course contact Academic Affairs.



Respondus LockDown Browser:

Use the lockdown browser to give secure online exams through Moodle. Respondus works by "locking" the exam page so that students can't view other pages or websites during the exam.

Logo of Respondus LockDown Browser

You can access Respondus through Moodle. In order to use this software, the student has to download a plugin and use that plugin to access Moodle. Respondus is provided to the School of Dental Medicine by the department of ITeS, but is supported by SDM, Academic Affairs.



Responsware Clickers (trial for Fall 2013)

We are testing a student response system. With this system faculty can take attendance and have students respond to questions during a lecture. Students use their smartphones as a clicker.