Northeast Regional Board (NERB)

Examination Remediation

The Northeast Regional Board (NERB) Examination Remediation Program is designed for NERB candidates who have been notified by the Northeast Regional Board of Dental Examiners that they are required to present evidence of the successful completion of remedial education in the area(s) in which the failure occurred before the candidate will be permitted for re-examination.

Overview, objectives, methods and evaluation of the
NERB Remediation Program:

The training will make the student aware of his/her problems and provide instruction for correction. Each coordinating department will prepare their course specifically for the candidate involved. The department will also monitor and test the student when necessary. The candidate is expected to have 100% attendance throughout the program.

Remediation exercises for the following may be required
for re-examination by the Board:

Simulated Patient Treatment Clinical Examinations:
•  Dental Simulated Clinical Examination (DSCE)
•  Diagnosis, Oral Medicine, Radiology (DOR) – 6 hours
•  Comprehensive Treatment Planning (CTP) – 8 hours
•  Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Medical Considerations
•  (PPMC) – 6 hours
•  Simulated Patient Treatment (Manikin) Clinical Examination (SPTCE)
•  Restorative Dentistry – 15 hours
•  Endodontics – 5 hours
Patient Treatment Clinical Examinations:
•  Restorative Clinical Examinations
•  Periodontal Clinical Examinations

Addtional Requirements:

•  Participants who will have patient contact must comply with the University Policy for “Student Immunizations and    Health Requirements”.
   See Exhibit A (on page 8) for “Patient Contact, with Risk of Exposure to Blood or Potentially Infectious Body Fluids.”
•   The required HEALTH FORMS are available online by clicking here, or can be sent to participants at the time of     registration.
    The Health Forms must be completed in full before participants can start the clinical portion of the course.

Program Information:
Dates & Times:
To be arranged on an individual basis
The Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
$300 per hour for NERB Candidates
80 credit hours maximum (based upon your needs)